3 Fun Games To Play This Winter At Preschool

Posted on: 8 February 2018

When it is cold and snowy outside, it takes a lot of effort to get an entire class of young children dressed in snow gear to go outside. It is not a task that you are going to want to undergo multiple times a day. If you have to cut back on the amount of time that you take your preschool class outside, here are a few fun games that you can play inside with your students.

Freeze Dance Party

Kids love to just goof around and dance to music. Put on a CD of your student's favorite dance music and let the dance freely. Let them shake it off and have some fun. Then, stop the music randomly and have the students freeze in place for a few seconds before starting the music again.

Your students will laugh and find amusement in the random positions that they freeze in, and it is a way to keep things under control when your students are dancing around and having fun.

Musical Chairs (Without Chairs)

Having students walk around actual chairs can be a lot to set-up. You can still play musical chairs though, with the chairs. You can use carpet squares for "chairs" or you can use pieces of paper. Have the students walk around and then sit down on the carpet square or chair when the music stops.

If you have a big group of students, consider setting up two circles so that things don't get too crazy. Setting up two circles can also allow you to separate certain students from one another. In a daycare setting, it can allow you to separate older and younger students or bigger and smaller students.

Balloon Bouncing

Little kids love balloons, and a game centered around balloons is the perfect inside recess activity. You can do a lot with balloons. You can have the kids play hot lava, and try to keep the balloon from falling on the ground. If it falls on the ground, that balloon is out of play because it hit the "hot lave". You can play this game until all the balloons have hit the ground.

Or you can have the kids play a version of volleyball or badminton, hitting the balloon(s) back and forth over a net or a line on the carpet. You can even give the kids paper plates to hit the balloons back and forth as well.

If you can't take your daycare students outside for as many recesses as you normally would due to the cold snowy weather outside, make sure that you plan some fun indoor activities for your students. For more information, hop over to this website.