Four Tips For Preventing The Spread Of Illness During The Flu-Season

Posted on: 13 February 2018

The flu-season is definitely one that is concerning, especially for parents since kids are the most likely victims of the flu and other illnesses during this time simply because kids don't understand the importance of cleanliness as much as adults do. If your child is in child care, it's even more important to pay attention to any symptoms your child may have and help prevent the spreading of illnesses. Here are four tips for this:

  1. Teach Your Child the Happy Birthday Hand Washing Method: The happy birthday hand washing method is when you teach your child to sing the happy birthday song while washing their hands before they finish. This gives them plenty of time to thoroughly wash their hands. They can take this hand washing method to child care with them and it should be utilize when you come home picking them up from child care, leaving the park, and before eating and after using the bathroom. 
  2. Get the Right Amount of Sleep: Kids, believe it or not, need much more sleep than adults do since their bodies are still developing. While they may seem to have a ton of energy no matter how much sleep they get, if they aren't getting at least 10 hours, it is compromising their immune system. Your child will stay healthier with the right amount fo sleep. Bed times should be according to what time they need to get up in order to get to their child care in the morning before you leave for work. 
  3. Keep Them Home When Necessary: Since you don't want your kids to get sick, you also don't want to be responsible for other people's kids getting sick. Besides, if sick kids are continuing to go to child care, the illness will continue to spread between them, which makes it more difficult to ensure that everyone is able to stay as healthy as possible. Be sure to take a look at the sick policy at your child care facility to determine when it's necessary to keep your child home and what warrants them to be okay to return. 
  4. Teach to Cover Mouth in Elbow: When it comes to sneezing and coughing, you should teach your child to cover their mouth not with their hands, but with their elbow. This is the most effective way to prevent germs from spreading because it doesn't leave the germs on the hands that are being used to touch everything. 

Utilizing these four tips is a sure fire way to keep your child healthy during the flu-season, as well as others that they are around on a daily basis. For more information, contact companies like Kidz World Academy Clear Lake.