3 Reasons Why Child Care Is Good For Your Child

Posted on: 27 February 2018

Taking your child to child care on a regular basis can be a great thing for them. Here are three reasons why. 

It Teaches Them To Share

One very important concept for children to learn is sharing. This seems to be especially difficult for children who are the only child in their family or for children who are the youngest in their family. They just don't understand why they have to give someone else something that belongs to them. Child care is a great place for them to learn to share because the toys there aren't actually theirs, but they instead belong to the facility. This helps your child learn that they have to share because the toys that they are playing with aren't their toys, but are instead meant to be used by all of the children. This is helpful in preparing your child for another sibling, future schooling, and simply life in general. 

Exposes Them To Germs 

While some people may not see being exposed to germs as being a good thing about child care, it actually can be for your child. In order for your child to build up their immune system, they must be exposed to germs. If you never take your child anywhere, then when they start preschool or kindergarten, they will likely be sick all of the time. If you take your child to child care from a younger age, they will get used to these germs and will have a strong immune system because of it. This doesn't mean your child should be taken to child care when they are sick, or that another child should come in when they are sick, but it simply means that being exposed to everyday germs is beneficial for your child in terms of building up immunity. 

Teaches Them Independence

It is very important that your child learns that things will be okay even if they aren't with mommy and daddy all of the time. If children are afraid to be away from their parents at any given time, this makes it very difficult to get your child to do much of anything. It can also make it incredibly difficult any time that you want to go anywhere without your child. When they go to child care, they realize that they are okay to be on their own and that it can actually be a lot of fun to interact with friends and other adults. 

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