Preschool And Your Child: How Parents Can Help Promote Learning At Home

Posted on: 7 November 2018

When you enroll your child in preschool, you give them a head-start in social interaction, fine and gross motor skill development, and academic education. However, parents can help to reinforce learning and further development by engaging in learning activities with their child at home. Here are some ways you can help promote learning at home. 

1. Reduce or eliminate electronics and screen time. 

Children often spend time at home watching TV, playing on tablets, or playing games on the computer. This is time that is better spent in active learning. Instead, encourage your child to play outside, to draw or color, or to play with play dough instead of passively using electronics. Even reading books or listening to music engages the brain more actively than an educational TV program. When you do choose TV, opt for slower programming that teaches science or citizenship principles. 

2. Contact teachers and follow up with daily lessons. 

Stay involved with your child's preschool curriculum. You might get weekly or monthly emails about the outline for learning. After school each day, follow up with your child to help them remember what they learned. For example, if they studied a certain letter, you might review drawing the letter at home.

3. Encourage free play.

You can do structured activities with your child, such as going to the museum or playing a board game, but you should also give your child time each day to play without any guidance. They might be bored at first, but this boredom fosters creativity and helps your child to develop problem-solving skills. Since preschool is more structured, free play at home can help provide educational balance. Give your child open-ended toys, such as blocks, LEGO bricks, a sandbox, or craft supplies to promote this style of learning. 

4. Give your child more responsibility.  

Finally, remember that your child needs responsibility. When preparing for preschool, have your child dress themselves and choose their own clothes. Encourage life skills like putting dirty clothing in the laundry hamper, making the bed, and tidying toys. Invite your child to help you with your work. They can help unload dishes from the dishwasher, move clothing to the dryer, wipe counters, and sweep the floor. These skills help your child to take more initiative in their own learning and development, and succeeding at work can help to build your child's self-esteem and confidence. 

For more ideas, contact a local preschool in your area. Places such as Small World Early Learning & Development Center can help.