Get Your Teen Through the Pandemic With Online High School Courses

Posted on: 12 March 2021

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, some students are continuing to miss out on the experience of going to school in person. Some teens likely have even more downtime because there might not be that many extracurricular activities going on either. Whether you are dissatisfied with the virtual education your child is currently getting or you just want to help your teen stay more engaged on a daily basis, one possibility would be to get your teen to sign up for one or more online high school courses. Here's how attending high school online can benefit your teen.

Online Classes Keep Your Teen Safe

Is your teen's school requiring students to return in person and suspending virtual teaching? If this is the case but you are not comfortable with your child returning to physical contact with other students just yet, you could opt to enroll your teen into online courses in order to ensure that they will continue to get at least some education even if they can't yet rejoin their peers in their regular class.

Online Classes May Count Towards Graduation or College Credit

Many high schools today understand the situation that families like yours are in, and some are willing to work with teens who take special online classes. Talk to your teen's principal about whether or not optional high school classes taken online can be applied towards your teen's graduation. In the event that certain classes have been suspended entirely by the high school during the pandemic, this could also be a way to get your teen back on track or ahead of the curve. Finally, some online high school courses may also offer advanced placement (AP) credit and might even get your teen early college credit as well.

Online Classes Keep Your Teen's Mind Engaged

Even if your teen is still continuing with a virtual program from their local district and is not due back in person yet, there may be at least some downtime for them compared to what they would normally do during a school day. Signing them up for an additional online class can keep them engaged and might also serve as an opportunity to explore other interests. Maybe your teen wants to focus on a certain kind of science in college, but your local district doesn't offer specializations in its courses. A supplemental online course might help.

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