Edwin Duncan

  • Tips For Getting Your Toddler To Want To Brush Their Teeth

    Compromising with a toddler...oh my! Toddlers sure do have a way of trying to, well, get their way. And while sometimes you would just rather stand back, give in, and giggle at them as they throw their tantrums, you can't throw in the towel on important matters, such as teeth brushing. If getting your toddler to want to brush their teeth is a full-out battle twice a day, here are a few suggestions that may (hopefully) help. [Read More]

  • Preschool And Your Child: How Parents Can Help Promote Learning At Home

    When you enroll your child in preschool, you give them a head-start in social interaction, fine and gross motor skill development, and academic education. However, parents can help to reinforce learning and further development by engaging in learning activities with their child at home. Here are some ways you can help promote learning at home.  1. Reduce or eliminate electronics and screen time.  Children often spend time at home watching TV, playing on tablets, or playing games on the computer. [Read More]

  • Helping Your Child Make Friends

    Some children naturally make friends. They're like the flame, and other kids are the moths flitting around their light. Other kids' lights shine no less brightly, but they might need a little extra help forming friendships. The bonds that kids form when they're young are important. These friendships are their first foray into the world outside of the family, and they help inform kids' opinion of the world around them. If your child is having trouble making friends, there are a few things you can do to help. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons Why Child Care Is Good For Your Child

    Taking your child to child care on a regular basis can be a great thing for them. Here are three reasons why.  It Teaches Them To Share One very important concept for children to learn is sharing. This seems to be especially difficult for children who are the only child in their family or for children who are the youngest in their family. They just don't understand why they have to give someone else something that belongs to them. [Read More]

  • 3 Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare Program

    Becoming a parent changes you life, and most mothers and fathers want to make sure that their child is well taken care of during the day while they are at work. This means that choosing the right daycare program is a main priority for many people. There are a number of wonderful daycare centers with wonderful programs for children of all ages, from infants and toddlers to preschoolers and elementary age children who need after school care. [Read More]

  • 3 Reasons Why Parents Should Take Their Children To Fitness Centers

    Obesity is becoming a widespread epidemic affecting today's youth. With more access to video games and fast food, it's not surprising why children are becoming obese. You can put a stop to this vicious cycle for your children by getting them memberships to a fitness center. It provides them with the following benefits.  Group Classes Improve Motivation  Staying healthy can be hard for your child when they have to do it alone. [Read More]

  • Four Tips For Preventing The Spread Of Illness During The Flu-Season

    The flu-season is definitely one that is concerning, especially for parents since kids are the most likely victims of the flu and other illnesses during this time simply because kids don't understand the importance of cleanliness as much as adults do. If your child is in child care, it's even more important to pay attention to any symptoms your child may have and help prevent the spreading of illnesses. Here are four tips for this: [Read More]

  • Select A Childcare Center And Ease Into You And Your Infant's New Routine

    If your maternity leave is coming to a close and you will be returning back to work in the next couple weeks, ensuring that your infant is in capable hands and that his or her needs are being met is vital. The tips that follow will help you select a childcare center and ease into you and your child's new routine. Compile A List Of Questions And Visit Centers If you are unfamiliar with services that are offered at childcare centers in your community, visiting each one and touring the layout of each facility will help you choose a center. [Read More]

  • Are You Planning Your Child's Education Early?

    Even though it may seem like just yesterday that your little one was born, the years have more than likely flown by and now you are thinking about his or her early education. While college may seem like it's in the very distant future, the steps you take while your child is very young will more than likely be a great preparation for college. Don't panic, though. There's plenty of time for you to provide great learning experiences for your little boy or your little girl. [Read More]

  • 3 Fun Games To Play This Winter At Preschool

    When it is cold and snowy outside, it takes a lot of effort to get an entire class of young children dressed in snow gear to go outside. It is not a task that you are going to want to undergo multiple times a day. If you have to cut back on the amount of time that you take your preschool class outside, here are a few fun games that you can play inside with your students. [Read More]